888 Poker Evaluation

Established in 2002 as Pacific Poker, 888 Poker is among the most seasoned and well-liked online poker venues of its kind. In fact, they rank a close second in terms of both scale and prominence, trailing only the enormous entity that is Pokerstars.
This is noteworthy as the volume of traffic to their cashgames is merely 10% of that of Pokerstars. Fortunately, poker accounts for only 18% of 888’s total revenue, so this narrowing disparity does not pose a significant concern for the company.

888 Holding Public Limited, a publicly traded company on the London Stock Exchange, owns 888. Additionally, they are audited independently by eCogra, which guarantees that the random number generator will function as intended.
Evidently, the site’s merits were of such magnitude to the United States government that they granted them entry into the regulated markets of Delaware and New Jersey. All of these are positive aspects in terms of dependability; a business that receives this much attention probably has far too much at stake to engage in unethical or unlawful practices.

As usual, we have no affiliation with this gambling room, and the accompanying evaluation will be entirely sincere and reflect our true thoughts. Should any unfavorable aspects of the website be identified, we shall promptly and unequivocally bring them to your attention.

Game Arrangement

In comparison to its competitors, the selection of classic poker games at 888 is comparatively limited. However, they do provide some distinctive variations of these games, which may provide a welcome respite for those who are becoming weary of the traditional games. A list of the poker games offered by 888 is provided below.

Seven Card Stud No Limit Texas Hold’Em Omaha Omaha Hi/Lo
Six-Card Stud Slo-Hi/Lo SNAP
Camera webcam
Folding versus pushing The term “FLOPOMANIA”
Multi-Table Competitions
Classic poker games such as 7 Card Stud, Omaha, No Limit Hold’Em, Omaha Hi/Lo, and 7 Card Stud HI/Lo are available on almost every poker site. The regulations for each are readily accessible through a Google search or on the 888 website.

This variant of No Limit Hold’Em permits players to surrender their hands in an instant and transfer to another table to begin a new hand without any waiting period. This entertaining and fast-paced format has exploded in popularity across the industry in the past few years.

Web-based gambling
Webcams are required for players to remain at these exclusive poker tables. We applaud this type of innovation because it reduces the likelihood that online poker games are being manipulated by algorithms and may ultimately increase the game’s popularity. This feature is absent from the majority of poker sites, including the most renowned ones.


We have never seen one of the most intriguing Sit & Go format concepts before.
To commence, each Sit & Go tournament features a random payout awarded to the first place finisher. This format has gained significant traction in the poker community over the past three to four years. The distinguishing characteristic of 888’s iteration is the Blast Timer, a device located in the corner of each table that counts down to zero.
With an increase in jackpot value, the duration of the Blast Timer is prolonged. Upon the timer reaching zero, all participants are obligated to play the remainder of the tournament in complete blindness until a winner is determined. This slightly accommodates recreational players while reducing the advantage that professionals and algorithms would have in a standard turbo Sit & Go format.






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